Solvent-based insulation 

Two-component epoxy suitable for impregnating and sealing concrete, civil plaster, cement, mineral agglomerates, flooring.
General Data
5 + 5 kg (A + B)Sales packs
0.900 ± 0.030 kg / dm 3Specific weight
polishedAspect of the dried film


Insulating water 

Non-toxic and odorless acrylic primer. The absence of unpleasant odors makes it suitable for indoor applications in poorly ventilated environments or with the presence of people, such as apartments, hospitals, schools. 
If applied on non-combustible supports, it does not propagate the flame. 
It is applied to a wide variety of supports, especially non-absorbent ones, where adhesion is critical: galvanized sheet, aluminum, plastic. 
It can also be used on walls in plaster and cement, or on wood and metal products. 
General Data
5 + 5 kg (A + B)Sales packs
1,000 ± 0.030 kg / dm 3Specific weight
polishedAspect of the dried film



Three-component epoxy primer in aqueous emulsion, to be used as a primer on floors and walls in cement, concrete and masonry. 
Its main features are: 
  • It is used on even damp surfaces. 
  • Being solvent-free, it can also be applied in closed and poorly ventilated areas.
  •  Bridge of adhesion on "difficult" surfaces such as ceramic tiles, stoneware, old epoxy or polyurethane coatings suitably roughened. 
  • Unlimited overcoating time. 
  • High water vapor permeability. 
  • With a suitable finish, it withstands the pressure of water in counter-thrust up to 10 bar. 
  • High adhesion on concrete. 
It is mainly used for the treatment of wet surfaces, for the repair of irregular surfaces, the shaving of concrete floors and tiled surfaces, as a base for cycles suitable for the containment of water in channels, manifolds, pipes.  
General Data
5 + 1.5 + 1.5 kg (A + B + C)Sales packs